Abrasive Wheels & Wire Brushes

Norton Norline New Generation Abrasive Grinding/Cutting Discs

High quality/performance abrasive grinding and cutting discs for professionals


Revolt High Productivity Yet Affordable Abrasive Grinding/Cutting Discs

Revolt resinoid bonded abrasive discs are developed to achieve high productivity while maintain optimum disc life

revolt wire brush 2.png

Revolt Premium High Performance Quality Wire Brushes

Revolt made in USA wire brushes for best results for your surface conditioning operations

Revolt Premium High Performance Flap Discs/Wheels

Revolt made in Europe flap discs/wheels for fast removal and surface conditioning operations.

Revolt Premium Quality Carbide Burrs And Pink Pointed Point

Revolt extensive range of carbide burrs and pink mounted point to meet most of your requirements.

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